Must-hear podcast: Prof. Scott Galloway with neuroscientist and philosopher Sam Harris on a post-Covid-world

Brilliant and thought-provoking podcast episode from Scott Galloway’s „The Prof G Show“, interviewing Sam Harris, best-selling author, philosopher, and neuroscientist. Talking about the pandemic, politics, climate change, Trump, values, the economy, inequality, education, the disruption of capitalism, and more (yep, all in 45min). Interview starts at 17:00 of the episode. If you listen to one […]

Facilitation method for more optimism in a podcast

Experts from the fintech scene share their experiences and opinions on the positive side of the Corona Crisis via a game which punishes negative thinking.  Podcast with Andre M Bajorat (MD Deutsche Bank, Payment & Banking founder) Sibylle Strack, (CEO  Kontist)  Arnulf Keese (CDO DKB) Photo by Matthew Kwong on Unsplash

A podcast series on how to find solutions in crisis


In all new OMR podcasts there is always a part in which the business leaders and marketers talk about their solutions on Covid19. Some example: 1. The podcast with Barbara Sturm delivers inspiring examples how to use the Corona Crisis for branded eLearning 2. Tim Stracke from Chrono24  is delivering some insight on luxury behaviour […]