Through the crisis sustainably

At the beginning of the COVID crisis, lockdown resulted in a reduction of carbon emissions. But with factories re-opening and the challenges of disposing of non-recyclable protective masks and gloves, sustainable innovation is as important as ever. In this article, Springwise look at some of the best sustainable innovations related to the crisis, from a […]

Lessons from China: From eLearning to Transparent Commmunication

Lessons from Chinese Companies’ Response to Covid-19 11 lessons from transparent collaboration, livelong learning, communication to volunteering E.g. Kids eLearning:Whilst in Germany several teachers and even some parents set barriers for kids eLearning The Oriental Group finally convinced all those groups to teach via live-streaming millions of students simultaneously. So, maybe next time China ranks […]

CoVid Changes & Innovations that are here to stay

Most of the time we read and share media publications – currently we find all kinds of interesting sources like other businesses that share their view on what the pandemic will imply for changes. This week I read a longer piece from muchskills, a software provider. They have written up a good overview on what […]

A growing collection of Covid inspired ideas

A whole hub for innovations that are driven by the pandemic is put together and curated by and the people at Business of Purpose. Check out the plenty ideas – and add your own finds. It truly gives an impression of what creativity means in crisis – and quite a few of the ideas […]