Gen Z is changing how they spend their „gap year“

In case you have kids that just finished school this or last year you will already know that how they transition from school to anything beyond has changed drastically due to CoVid. Many do not travel on their gap year to far away countries like in the past. And also the move on to university […]

Scar Tissue

Recessions cause long-term behavioural scars on those that come of age at the time. VIRTUE have defined 4 ways that the 2020 Recession/COVID-19 pandemic will change Gen Z and society in general: Insourcing, Rurmote, Health Check and Work doesn’t equal Life. This is US-focussed but has broader application. Read more here Photo by Thought Catalog […]

The search for stability

The COVID-19 crisis and the coming recession is turning young people’s study and employment plans upside down. This article from JWT Intelligence shows how a search for stability is combined with a desire to have a positive impact on society and the world. Read more here Photo by Helena Lopes from Unsplash

Gen Z sucht nach Spaß auch in CoVid-Zeiten

Das Heidelberger Research-Institut GIM hat in seinem kontinuierlichen Panel zwar eine allgemein grösser werdende Ernsthaftigkeit in der Gesellschaft ermittelt. Allerdings ist das weniger ausgeprägt in jüngeren Bevölkerungsgruppen – die auch in Krisenzeiten einen anderen, hedonistischeren Fokus setzen. Letzter Eindruck dazu bestätigt diese Thesen, wie z.B. die Bilder von der „Klub-Demo auf dem Wasser“ in Berlin. […]