Strong use of cultural insights by Burger King

So much is confusing about the current times. And no other brand than Burger King is putting this into a great story. And as much as we are all confused by the contradictions of pandemic living – so might we be confused by the non-meat Whopper alternative. Wonderful execution of state of the art cultural […]

Travelling hopefully (or not)

Travel is possibly the hardest-hit category economically in the last year, reeling from the double-whammy of Covid and the climate crisis. For many countries, the collapse of tourism means mass-unemployment. This article by Rosie Spinks in “The Beautiful Truth” asks if travel will ever go back to normal. Or will those of us old enough […]

4 Expectations that are here to stay

One year of being at-home for a large percentage of the population has changed how we work, shop and live. In this article, Marvin Chow and Kate Stanford of Google define four trends that are here to stay. These highlight what people expect now from brands, products and services, and are worthwhile bearing in mind […]

Hide virtual eggs with Cadbury on Google maps

This is a cute idea that suits the current situation: hiding virtual eggs with Cadbury on Google maps. You just place a digital egg, then send personalized clues to loved ones to help them find it. Mondelez-owned brand Cadbury made this happen together with VCCP. Something I am eager to try out. Read more here […]

Social life post-pandemic: fewer interaction, but higher quality?

The Economist tapped into the question on how we will interact post-pandemic. After being so self-dependent within the last 12 months – will we ever be able to get back our social skills? Can we interact with people as we used to do? I have recognised similar behaviour in my German surroundings with people being […]

What people see as their „best Covid buys“

Its interesting to see what we value when circumstances shift. The Guardian has asked people on what their „best buys“ within the recent pandemic months where and it gives a great perspective on what we value and how we currently spend our time. The next sensible step would be to match the mentions here with […]

The Future of Work

The Canadian Brookfield Institute has published a very detailed report on the future of labour in Canada. As many of these trends and observations can easily be applied to other regions we think it is worth taking a look. What is the (Post) pandemic work field looking like? What are the trends that shape how […]

Social Listening to map the „New Normal“

Pulsar is a provider on social listening. Their digital skills are a good way to tap into the current situation, and they are showcasing their skills by creating a mapping of what people are into during the pandemic, based on social activities like tweets. Here you have a nicely arranged overview on what is of […]

Fighting lockdown boredom with IKEA

The idea is already a bit older – IKEA realeased their manuals in May 2020 – but with the current situation it keeps being interesting. Here, IKEA is showing easy ways to turn furniture into wigwams or fortresses. It shows a good way on how to build and tend to strong customer relationships, including your […]

Interessanter Rückblick, offener Ausblick 2021

Pilot hat in diesem Jahr ein kontinuierliches Monitoring zur Stimmung der Deutschen während der Pandemie erstellt. In zahlreichen Wellen konnten wir beobachten, wie sich unsere Einstellungen und Verhalten verändern. Jetzt gibt es einen Jahres-Rückblick – und erste Thesen zu dem, was das nächste Jahr bringt. In ihrer Bilanz der vergangenen 10 Monate wird ersichtlich, wie […]