How our relation to food is changing according to experts

Within their „Shape of Tomorrow“ series Fast Company has compiled observations from 5 industry experts on how peoples relation to food is changing. From stronger ties to online grocery shopping to different focus in logistics things are changing and probably not only in the US. What was visible in CoVid Times are the following in […]

USA: In der Krise sparen vor allem die Reichen

Der Spiegel zeigt in einem aktuellen Beitrag, das das Konsumverhalten der Oberklasse ein wesentlicher Aspekt für die USA ist, zügig aus der Wirtschaftskrise zu manövrieren. Nur: hier ist das Verhalten in der Pandemie anders als in früheren Wirtschaftskrisen. Vor allem Wohlhabende sparen bei ihren Konsumausgaben, speziell im Dienstleistungssektor führt das zu weiteren Entlassungen. Grund für […]

Must-hear podcast: Prof. Scott Galloway with neuroscientist and philosopher Sam Harris on a post-Covid-world

Brilliant and thought-provoking podcast episode from Scott Galloway’s „The Prof G Show“, interviewing Sam Harris, best-selling author, philosopher, and neuroscientist. Talking about the pandemic, politics, climate change, Trump, values, the economy, inequality, education, the disruption of capitalism, and more (yep, all in 45min). Interview starts at 17:00 of the episode. If you listen to one […]

Scar Tissue

Recessions cause long-term behavioural scars on those that come of age at the time. VIRTUE have defined 4 ways that the 2020 Recession/COVID-19 pandemic will change Gen Z and society in general: Insourcing, Rurmote, Health Check and Work doesn’t equal Life. This is US-focussed but has broader application. Read more here Photo by Thought Catalog […]

The search for stability

The COVID-19 crisis and the coming recession is turning young people’s study and employment plans upside down. This article from JWT Intelligence shows how a search for stability is combined with a desire to have a positive impact on society and the world. Read more here Photo by Helena Lopes from Unsplash

Creative Ads in Pandemic Times

Great Ads For Good has collected a lot of creative examples on how advertising is dealing with Covid19. Find beautiful examples of print and video. The gallery is still in the making – and if you find further creative examples – the site aims to share good practices on social responsibility and sustainable development. A […]

McKinsey Insights: Consumer behavior adapting to the “next normal”

McKinsey attempted to distill common consumer behavior shifts following the global pandemic across 42 countries. Excerpts from the most important findings: Despite pockets of reopening, net consumer optimism has decreased, and most consumers continue to expect a long-lasting impact from COVID-19. As incomes have declined, consumers are spending on essentials and not discretionary categories, with […]

Aeroplane seats designed to protect from coronavirus

Italian aircraft design firm, Avio Interiors, has released two new seat concepts that are designed to reduce the spread of germs and could act as a permanent solution with flying after COVID-19.   Discover.

A crisis of demand AND supply

Ad effectiveness legend Les Binet is doing a series on YouTube about marketing through the pandemic – survival, adaptation and recovery. The first Webisode is about learning from history. Just over 5 minutes and well-worth listening to. To see more click here Picture by Giammarco Boscaro from Unsplash

How Asics has shifted their strategy during CoVid

Japan based running brand Asics has swiftly adapted to new circumstances that included launching products via VR when Corona hit, moving physical experiences online, coming up with a solidarity campaign like #unitedyetunited, offering their Asics Studio excersice app for free and shifting their retail strategy to digital and doing extensive research via the community in […]