Travelling hopefully (or not)

Travel is possibly the hardest-hit category economically in the last year, reeling from the double-whammy of Covid and the climate crisis. For many countries, the collapse of tourism means mass-unemployment. This article by Rosie Spinks in “The Beautiful Truth” asks if travel will ever go back to normal. Or will those of us old enough […]

Social life post-pandemic: fewer interaction, but higher quality?

The Economist tapped into the question on how we will interact post-pandemic. After being so self-dependent within the last 12 months – will we ever be able to get back our social skills? Can we interact with people as we used to do? I have recognised similar behaviour in my German surroundings with people being […]

Erklärungen zur Psychologie der Unvernunft

Aus aktuellem Anlass und da wir ab morgen wieder im Shutdown sind, hier ein Verweis zu einem Spiegel-Artikel vor ein paar Tagen. Deutlich erklärt wird hier der psychologische Hintergrund zu übermäßigem Optimismus und anderen Bias-Effekten, die zu individuell unterschiedlichem Umgang mit CoVid führen. Ein Beitrag, der auch hilft, vielleicht Freunde und Nachbarn besser in ihrem […]

Must-hear podcast: Prof. Scott Galloway with neuroscientist and philosopher Sam Harris on a post-Covid-world

Brilliant and thought-provoking podcast episode from Scott Galloway’s „The Prof G Show“, interviewing Sam Harris, best-selling author, philosopher, and neuroscientist. Talking about the pandemic, politics, climate change, Trump, values, the economy, inequality, education, the disruption of capitalism, and more (yep, all in 45min). Interview starts at 17:00 of the episode. If you listen to one […]

Travel adapts

Travel – airlines, hotels and tour operators – is one category where people will be particularly cautious in making the first steps back – partly because no-one really knows what to expect. In the meantime, read how some travel companies have already adapted during the crisis, from hotel rooms turning into pop-up restaurants, to a […]

Have There Been Patterns In Consumer Behaviour Since The Beginning Of The Crisis?

Anyone looking for answers to this question will find it in the Corona Consumer Report of the market research platform Appinio. Appinio has interviewed German consumers aged 16-64, representative of the population, since the beginning of the crisis in March 2020. The latest report was published on May 11. Two of the biggest changes to […]

Heroes for more than one day

Banksy nailed it with his latest artwork: hard-working role models with substance are taking over from the vapid celebrities and influencers of yesterday. Read more in this article from Wundermann Thompson Photo by Jessica Podraza from Unsplash