Travelling hopefully (or not)

Travel is possibly the hardest-hit category economically in the last year, reeling from the double-whammy of Covid and the climate crisis. For many countries, the collapse of tourism means mass-unemployment. This article by Rosie Spinks in “The Beautiful Truth” asks if travel will ever go back to normal. Or will those of us old enough […]

4 Expectations that are here to stay

One year of being at-home for a large percentage of the population has changed how we work, shop and live. In this article, Marvin Chow and Kate Stanford of Google define four trends that are here to stay. These highlight what people expect now from brands, products and services, and are worthwhile bearing in mind […]

Strategies for tough times

An article summarising AdAge’s white paper, Downtime Opportunity, which looks at effective marketing strategies for tough times, from the Great Depression to the current pandemic. Read more here Photo by Free Old Photos from Unsplash

Together, apart? Or apart, together?

What commonalities and differences can be seen across 7 countries: France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, UK and USA, in the impact COVID-19 has had on trust, social cohesion, democracy and expectations for the future? A new report from More in Common, based on surveys from end June – early July 2020. Read more here

Make them laugh

We’ve already reported on how people want to be entertained by advertising during the crisis, rather than lectured to. Here’s a great example from the UK – Yorkshire Tea. Relevant, totally on-brand – and hilarious. Read more here

Self-care in times of COVID

A new report from in collaboration with Syren looks at the shift away from the need to look after oneself for external validation. From „Letting Beauty Breathe“ to „Giving Fewer F***s“ it’s a deep dive into self-care psychology and behaviour in the US, UK and Asian geographies. Download the report here Photo by Brad […]

Through the crisis sustainably

At the beginning of the COVID crisis, lockdown resulted in a reduction of carbon emissions. But with factories re-opening and the challenges of disposing of non-recyclable protective masks and gloves, sustainable innovation is as important as ever. In this article, Springwise look at some of the best sustainable innovations related to the crisis, from a […]

Build back better

From the UK, the report „The Moment We Noticed“ comes from The Relationships Observatory, who believe in „more time on relationships rather than more money on process and structure.“ It’s a look at the surface and more profound societal changes during 100 days of lockdown, and an invitation to build „back better by building better […]

Scar Tissue

Recessions cause long-term behavioural scars on those that come of age at the time. VIRTUE have defined 4 ways that the 2020 Recession/COVID-19 pandemic will change Gen Z and society in general: Insourcing, Rurmote, Health Check and Work doesn’t equal Life. This is US-focussed but has broader application. Read more here Photo by Thought Catalog […]

The search for stability

The COVID-19 crisis and the coming recession is turning young people’s study and employment plans upside down. This article from JWT Intelligence shows how a search for stability is combined with a desire to have a positive impact on society and the world. Read more here Photo by Helena Lopes from Unsplash