Verhalten heute: 4 Grundtypen

Seit dem Frühjahr hat Pilot als Agenturgruppe regelmäßig Erhebungen zum Verhalten der Deutschen in der Pandemie erstellt. Die zahlreichen Wellen geben einen guten Einblick, was uns aktuell bewegt und wie sich Konsummuster entwickeln. In einer der letzten Wellen gibt es jetzt eine ausführliche Beleuchtung unterschiedlicher Verhaltensmuster und ein Split in vier verschiedene Verhaltenstypen: Bewahrer, Philanthropen, […]

Gen Z is changing how they spend their „gap year“

In case you have kids that just finished school this or last year you will already know that how they transition from school to anything beyond has changed drastically due to CoVid. Many do not travel on their gap year to far away countries like in the past. And also the move on to university […]

How urban and office life is changing due to CoVid

the World Economic Forum has published a thorough look at how cities are changing in the light of the ongoing pandemic. And how the new experiences of home office times also change the expectation towards offices „post Co-Vid“ – with a preference to be able to work from home 1-2 days per week. What this […]

Even in tough times, consumers want ads that make them laugh

Dom Boyd, Kantar UK’s managing director for insights is a former strategy and planning lead at Adam&Eve DDB UK – and thus a former colleague of mine. A good reason to trust his words – and thus a worthy read. He has crunched the numbers and found funny ads are becoming harder to find. Understandable […]

Free Ad Space on Pornhub for Small Businesses

Some of the big platforms are already supporting smaller businesses in tough economic times, for example with free ad space. The latest offer comes from Pornhub – potentially not the first source for the SMBs to be advertising on. So this idea is a win-win for both – small businesses as well as Pornhub becoming […]

How our relation to food is changing according to experts

Within their „Shape of Tomorrow“ series Fast Company has compiled observations from 5 industry experts on how peoples relation to food is changing. From stronger ties to online grocery shopping to different focus in logistics things are changing and probably not only in the US. What was visible in CoVid Times are the following in […]

USA: In der Krise sparen vor allem die Reichen

Der Spiegel zeigt in einem aktuellen Beitrag, das das Konsumverhalten der Oberklasse ein wesentlicher Aspekt für die USA ist, zügig aus der Wirtschaftskrise zu manövrieren. Nur: hier ist das Verhalten in der Pandemie anders als in früheren Wirtschaftskrisen. Vor allem Wohlhabende sparen bei ihren Konsumausgaben, speziell im Dienstleistungssektor führt das zu weiteren Entlassungen. Grund für […]

Creative Ads in Pandemic Times

Great Ads For Good has collected a lot of creative examples on how advertising is dealing with Covid19. Find beautiful examples of print and video. The gallery is still in the making – and if you find further creative examples – the site aims to share good practices on social responsibility and sustainable development. A […]