Must-hear podcast: Prof. Scott Galloway with neuroscientist and philosopher Sam Harris on a post-Covid-world

Brilliant and thought-provoking podcast episode from Scott Galloway’s „The Prof G Show“, interviewing Sam Harris, best-selling author, philosopher, and neuroscientist. Talking about the pandemic, politics, climate change, Trump, values, the economy, inequality, education, the disruption of capitalism, and more (yep, all in 45min). Interview starts at 17:00 of the episode. If you listen to one […]

McKinsey Insights: Consumer behavior adapting to the “next normal”

McKinsey attempted to distill common consumer behavior shifts following the global pandemic across 42 countries. Excerpts from the most important findings: Despite pockets of reopening, net consumer optimism has decreased, and most consumers continue to expect a long-lasting impact from COVID-19. As incomes have declined, consumers are spending on essentials and not discretionary categories, with […]