What people see as their „best Covid buys“


Its interesting to see what we value when circumstances shift. The Guardian has asked people on what their „best buys“ within the recent pandemic months where and it gives a great perspective on what we value and how we currently spend our time. The next sensible step would be to match the mentions here with Google Trends data – also seeing how this might be different across regions. From my personal point of view, a lot of the things would probably resonate within the German market just as well.

Most items circle around home improvement – as it is the place we spend more time in than ever. May this be plush and expensive curtains or a new bed. A projector is the replacement for missing movie visits.

Second on the list is cooking: soup makers, bread makers, reusable baking sheets, fancy coffee makers or milk foamers are standing in when eating out or cafe visits are off the list.

Other best buys where centred around health and exercise. Dogs are seeing a new popularity – as companions during lonesome times, as well as the force to get people to walk outside. The smaller companion version might be the mentioned hamster. Hopefully these decisions are well thought through. At least they are more of a responsibility than the other mentions: motorhomes for independent holiday trips and build in security zone to others, treadmills (everyone by now has heard of Peloton thanks to Covid), e-bikes (the German retail market for bikes was one of the winners in 2020).

So in order to keep sane and look your best the last items might be an inspiration: an elaborate sketching set will help you fill time and devote it to a (lost or new) passion. And buying a trouser suit in times of home office and zoom calls also made perfect sense to me. If you look great and professional, you will also act the part.

What were your „best covid buys“?

Photo by Rakesh Yadav on Unsplash

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Nina Rieke

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