The Future of Work

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The Canadian Brookfield Institute has published a very detailed report on the future of labour in Canada. As many of these trends and observations can easily be applied to other regions we think it is worth taking a look. What is the (Post) pandemic work field looking like? What are the trends that shape how we will work in the near future? What is changing and impacting employment and work environments? A well done report that gives a good insight into what is happening. And what employers need to have on their radar. The main trends shown below have an impact on all of us – may we be employer, co-worker or independent freelancer:

  1. Our lives online
  2. Capitalism in Question
  3. Technology to the rescue
  4. climate in crisis
  5. reconciliation and inclusion
  6. finding meaning and well being
  7. shifting power
  8. evolving population

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Nina Rieke

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