On the contrary: Byron Sharp on why advertisers should not show up in times of crisis


Where Keith Weed was a strong supporter of brands showing up in Covid times a while ago – here is the contrary thinking from brand guru Byron Sharp. The author of „How Brands Grow“ is a strong supporter of the Coca-Cola strategy earlier this year and says it is a good idea to cancel all advertising during the pandemic. Brand managers from his perspective are quite overstating their role here thinking that anyone would be interested what a brand might think about the virus. Definitely an interesting read – and both have their point. Looking backwards I would think it is also a matter of category if its a relevant message – or even action – that brands are taking in times like this.

Read more about Byron Sharps thought the the best response is none in campaign here.

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Nina Rieke

Nina Rieke

Nina is an expert for brand- and communication strategies with a highly successful track record in marketing and advertising agencies.

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