Achieving B-Corp status as a corporate strategy: using Business as a Force for Good.


The Drum writes this week about Jamie Oliver as one of many entrepreneurs and corporations that aim to be certified with B-Corp status. I wondered at first what this might be – and it became clear I have missed out on an important movement. A B-Corp certification is proof of achieving the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, of transparency and accountability on these matters. Or, to put it more simply, it’s about using business as a force for good. And many are on this trend – from WeTransfer to Danone, from Jamie Oliver to of course the sustainability heroes of Patagonia and others. But also agencies such as Havas are jumping on the wagon of certification in order to differentiate and give proof of sustainability and social engagement.

„The B-Corp movement is becoming a crucial part of the Covid-19 recovery in all sectors as part of a shared desire to create a sustainable future. Tech company WeTransfer achieved B-Corp status last month; about 30% of food giant Danone’s operations are B-Corp-certified (and it aims to convert the rest by 2025, five years earlier than its previous commitment); and we’re also now seeing a rising number of fashion companies aiming to follow the lead of Allbirds, Patagonia and Eileen Fisher to become B-Corp certified.“

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Nina Rieke

Nina Rieke

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