Six Recommendations To Continue B2B Marketing In Uncertain Times


The Corona crisis leads to a „catastrophic“ mood in German companies through all industries. The Ifo business climate dropped 11.6 points to 74.3 points at the end of April. The lowest value ever measured.

Tough times for business-to-business organizations, to fill the sales pipeline or even to drive sustained growth. Even if countercyclical marketing is not particularly well established in Germany, completely stopping activities isn’t a recommended strategy. However there´s no time for business as usual, and campaigns and budget allocation need to be carefully considered.

Here are six recommendations that may help you to adapt to these times.  

1. Focus limited budget on companies most likely to do business with you.

2. Target people you already know with relevant information and messaging that can truly help them.

3. Let insights guide your outreach which shows that you really understand the current needs of your customers due to the crisis.

4. Use orchestration both of marketing and sales and through the entire lifecycle of an account.

5. Be emphatic and build trust toward worried buyers.

6. Proceed incrementally and measure each attempt.

Keep in mind: trying to do what´s possible it´s the best what you can do in uncertain times. 

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Susanne Lämmer

Susanne Lämmer

Freelance Strategy Director für digitale Kommunikation. Brand / Customer Experiences. Content-Strategie.

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