Have There Been Patterns In Consumer Behaviour Since The Beginning Of The Crisis?


Anyone looking for answers to this question will find it in the Corona Consumer Report of the market research platform Appinio. Appinio has interviewed German consumers aged 16-64, representative of the population, since the beginning of the crisis in March 2020. The latest report was published on May 11.

Two of the biggest changes to the previous waves: Almost every second German states that they buy more online than before Corona. And consumer spending is slowly increasing again, while stock purchases are getting smaller. New in the report are questions about jobs and the impact of Corona on companies, which show that around half of the employees (48%) currently see Corona as having a negative impact on their employers.

Will the  propensity to consume continue to increase if the business outlook remains bleak? Hopefully we will see that in further waves of the report.

Download the current report

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Susanne Lämmer

Susanne Lämmer

Freelance Strategy Director für digitale Kommunikation. Brand / Customer Experiences. Content-Strategie.

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