Fluid Strategy.
When the waters get rough.


Fluid Strategy

The current crisis has shown us that the way we’re used to developing business, brand and communications strategies isn’t entirely watertight.

As a network of agile change agents, we’re developing a new, fluid approach to strategy as we write. And this hub is our latest launch to help in the context of the pandemic.

It enables you to keep an eye on what’s happening, to regain perspective and to discover ideas, concepts and scenarios that help brands and businesses in developing strategies in times when we’re feeling all at sea.


There are different strategies or scenarios out there already, and many ways to approach a challenge like this. Have a look and see what you might find helpful.

Strategies for tough times

An article summarising AdAge’s white paper, Downtime Opportunity, which looks at effective marketing strategies for tough times, from the Great Depression to the current pandemic.

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Brands and organizations are coming up with great ideas. You will find examples on how to not just communicate around Covid, but also how to adapt in regard to products and services. Making the crisis also a catalyst for creativity and innovation.

5 positive things to come from Corona virus


There is a lot of data out there on how Covid is influencing behaviour, media usage, consumption patterns. We aim at not following a single source but giving access to a broader set of studies. Anything that supports better strategy decisions.


There is never just one way to look at things – but great thinking lives through different perspectives. Challenge your thinking through a broader set of opinions on what this will mean for businesses going forward with this collection of articles.


So much support is delivered out there right to our doorstep in form of digital tools, how to guides or online classes and webinars. We aim at sharing the ones that we think truly help in delivering a contemporary strategic approach – from putting together  online  workshops, research or other useful tools to help in CoVid mode.